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Lip Sense the Lip Color worn by Hollywood Movie Stars and Recording Artists!
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LipSense Lip Color Chart at

LipSense Apple Cider
1184 LipSense Beige Champagne
1100 LipSense Blu-Red
1050 LipSense Blush
1120 LipSense Brick
1320 LipSense Bronze Shimmer
1189 LipSense Burnt Orange
1361 LipSense Cappuccino
1371 LipSense Cocoa
1805 LipSense Coral Ice
1188 LipSense Coral Reef
1180 LipSense Cranberry
1222 LipSense Crème De La Crème
1220 LipSense Crème Puff
1060 LipSense Currant
1030 LipSense Dark Pink
1070 LipSense Dusty Rose
1366 LipSense Fantasy Fuscia
1815 LipSense Fire-n-Ice
1040 LipSense Fuscia
8010 LipSense Glitter
1200 LipSenseGold Champagne
1363 LipSense Latte
1170 LipSense Light
1370 LipSense Malted
1825 LipSense Mauve Ice
1365 LipSense SunBurst Orange
1160 LipSense Moca
1182 LipSense Neutral
1150 LipSense Nude
1010 LipSense Party Pink
1140 LipSense Peach
1221 LipSense Peaches Cream
1186 LipSense Persimmon
1190 LipSense Pink Champagne
1800 LipSense Pink Ice
1368 LipSense Pink Lemonade
1330 LipSense Pink Shimmer
1830 LipSense PIT Stop Pink
1090 LipSense Plum
1095 LipSense Plum Pudding
1364 LipSense Plumeria
1362 LipSense Praline Rose
1367 LipSense Raisin
1110 LipSense Red Cherry
1810 LipSense Rose Ice
1185 LipSense RoseBerry
1340 LipSense Ruby Red
1130 LipSense Samon
1080 LipSense Sheer Berry
1020 LipSenseSheer Pink
1820 LipSense Spice Ice
1369 LipSense Sugar Plum
1225 LipSense Summer Fling
1223 LipSense Summer Love
1187 LipSense Summer Sunset
1224 LipSense Summer Treat

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